Fuerteventura Holidays

The island of Fuerteventura is part of the Canary islands ( so called as the first settlers discovered many large dogs – canes – inhabiting the island originally, nothing to do with the Canary bird!) The Canary islands are actually an African archipelago but fall under Spanish rule. Herein lies possibly the major attraction of the Canaries, African weather in a politically stable island forming part of the European Union. Fuerteventura is actually the most Eastern of the isles and is closer to Morocco than mainland Spain (only 60 miles from the coast of Morocco). Because of this location the island enjoys over 300 days of beautiful sunshine per year. Even in winter it is rare for average temperature to drop below 18 degrees and during summer months will average over 26 degrees. Lying on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico, Fuerteventura enjoys a similar climate despite being only a 4 hour flight from any UK national or regional airport. perhaps the perfect getaway for Northern Europeans during the winter months, the only other locations offering winter sun with a similar flying time being Egypt and Cyprus.

Traditionally Fuerteventura is a beach resort, the vast majority of visitors flock to the coastlines which harbour the major tourist traps. over 120 miles of pristine beaches ( almost all the beaches in Fuerteventura hold the blue flag clean beach award) on one small island, it has become a haven for beach lovers and watersport enthusiasts, windsurfing in particular is very popular with the annual windsurfing championships being held here each year – enhanced no doubt by the warm Sahara winds coming in from the Atlantic. Fuerteventura is also hugely popular with naturists, the relaxed liberal attitude on the island combined with beaches surrounded by natural sand dunes offering some degree of privacy!

However if you visit Fuerteventura without travelling inland and viewing the amazing volcanic landscapes you will be doing yourself a major injustice, the scenery inland is not just breathtaking it is completely unique.

There are also regular boat trips from Fuertoventura to neighbouring Canary islands and also North Africa. There is also a very popular 15-minute glass bottomed boat ride from Corralejo in the north to the nature reserve of Los Lobos. During the trip you can see up to 130 different species of marine life, many of them protected.

The capital of the island is Puerto Del Rosario, situated on the East coast of the island this one time small port ( the port of goats) has grown into a bustling city but has not lost any of the original charm, Fuertoventura, much like mainland Spain, has strict building regulations in place to prevent the islands scenery being despoiled by high rise apartments and property developers. The tax free status of Puerto Del Rosario also makes it a mecca for UK shoppers with great prices on cigarettes, alcohol, jewellery and electronic products. It is far from an unusual site to see Scandinavians, Brits and Germans in Puerto Del Rosario weighed down with bags full of consumer goods!

Most people can easily find the holiday they desire on this small island, whether its clubbing and nightlife, secluded inland villa, family break or a romantic getaway, its all possible in Fuertoventura, summer or winter.